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Agritel Baler Twines

Agritel Crop Packaging supplies a complete range of baler twines for the UK market.

- Big Bale (Hesston) Twines: 8600, 7200, 6800 and high-density bale twine
- Fine Twine for large round balers
- Medium and Hay Twines for conventional rectangular balers
- Sisal Twine for traditional bales

Buy now: visit our online shop to purchase twine at the lowest possible prices. We are happy to sell small quantities as well as by the pallet-lot. To find out more about buying from Agritel Crop Packaging, click here.

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Our baler twines are selected for their exceptional breaking strain and ability to operate under the diverse conditions encountered in the UK, and are designed specifically with the busy agricultural contractor in mind.

The latest addition to the range is Cotesi's Platinum twine for high-density balers, a stronger, softer twine with a higher breaking strain and improved knot strength. Platinum is supplied in a longer-lasting 20kg pack for improved efficiency.

Agritel Crop Packaging has been importing Cotesi twines and netwrap since 1997, originally under the 'Fybron' brand. The Fybron and Cotesi brands have always been associated with top-quality twine with a high breaking strain and excellent resistance to knot slippage, particularly the heavy duty twines which are all pin-fibrillated, as illustrated below.

Pin fibrillation results in each strand of twine being connected to its neighbour and this provides a meshwork effect which tends to be stronger than non-pin-fibrillated competitor products.

Pin-fibrillated twine 1 Pin-fibrillated twine 2 Pin-fibrillated twine 3
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